Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Message


Chief Executive Officer

Modern technology has changed a lot of what we know about geodesy and geography, and it has facilitated a lot of the tools and equipment we use.
On this path, it has changed power centers and reached what was considered impossible. Large cities have become small villages and discreet societies are just a form of cultural diversity.

It brought to the world many contradictions, some of which are useful and some that are not.
This technology is a product of applying scientific knowledge which a human being still discovers day after day thanks to his ability to scientific research and innovation. Therefore, as a society on this earth, we will not be able to achieve the real benefit of the technology of the era unless we can use its tools and practice its methods.

The Egyptian Space Agency is one of the tools launched by the Egyptian state to be able in the era of advanced technology, thanks to God and the will of the political leadership of the Egyptian country, it was entrusted with the task of developing satellite technology, and with all the opportunities it provides to manage the resources of the country using space technology for communications, imaging and positioning, and what it provides This technology is one of the great opportunities for developing the country in the fields of agriculture, mining, telecommunications, and participating strongly in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

We at the Egyptian Space Agency are open to cooperation and integration with all national and international parties, in a manner that realizes the implementation of space technology for the benefit of Egyptian society and it progress.