The first experimental satellite NExSat-1

About the project

 This is an ambitious program to build, launch, and operate a set of experimental satellites in a program called (NExSat Program).
This program starts with the first satellite NExSat-1.
 NExSat-1 project intended to build, launch, and operate an experimental satellite for Earth observation.
This satellite is built by EgSA (Egyptian Space Agency) experts in a qualified Egyptian facility developed and prepared for this purpose at the Space Operating Centre in the Space City, as well as tested in space labs in the Space City.
NExSat-1 is a Remote Sensing satellite Equipped with a Panchromatic Camera with a resolution of 5 meters. 
The Satellite is planned to be launched by December 2021 at an altitude of 500 Km.
BST Germany is our partner and consultant in this project.


project output

  1. Owning an Operational Remote Sensing Satellite.
  2. Owning a platform that satisfies most of the future mission requirements.
  3. Owning a ground support equipment and qualified AIT (Assembly, Integration, and Testing) facility.
  4. Mastering an Assembly, Integration, and Testing of the satellite platform.
  5. Owning a complete flight software.

other projects

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