MisrSat-2 Satellite

About the project

 MisrSat-2 is not a commercial project, but it is implemented through a grant from the Chinese government to support Egyptian space ambitions.
The project objects are, first, to obtain an in-orbit optical high-resolution satellite in the visible light spectrum for civilian application, second, to participate (hands-on work with the supervision of contractor team while on job training is provided) in the project full lifecycle, and third, to confirm our space-proven capabilities and functionalities in the real operational environment with experimenting Egyptian developed devices as auxiliary payloads for MisrSat-2.
The satellite Payload is a High-Resolution Camera with Resolution of Panchromatic: 2m and Multispectral: 8m with Swath of 33km. the satellite Platform is CAST100 of Mass ≤350kg, Lifetime of 5years, and Reliability of 0.62 @EOL.

The GS supports MisrSat-2 for mission planning, remote sensing data receiving, producing of levels 0-2 standard image products, data storage managing, and typical application system.


project output

  1. MisrSat-2 Satellite: Operational in orbit
  2. Ground Station S/X (7.3 m)
  3. System Design Documentations
  4. AIT Process Documentations
  5. Technical software package to operate the ground station and to process the received images.

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