Satellite for advanced technology

About the project

 The project is funded by the Academy for scientific research and technology ASRT- Egypt. The consortium is composed of 10 partners including research, university industrial, and commercial Egyptian entities.
Patterns are collaboratively developing satellite subsystems; it is planned to develop the last nanosatellite of the project by the end of 2020 and be ready for launch by 2021.


project output


other projects

Egyptian University Satellite
 This project aims at developing the first Egyptian satellite that is locally developed by Egyptian u
  • On Jan 12, 2016
Design, manufacture and test the control and distribution unit of the NExSat-3 satellite's electrical power
 The project aims to:
Design, manufacture, and test of power conditioning and distribution unit (PCD
  • On Jan 12, 2016
Project design, manufacture, assembly and testing of a CubeSat satellite (Pico 2U)
 The goal of the ZUSAT project is to develop a 2u cube satellite system as a joint research project b
  • On Jan 12, 2016